Enrico Pozzesi recently made the trip from the heart of the Chianti Classico in Italy to visit Osteria Il Centro and share with us the history and several types of wine from the family-owned Rodáno Winery.

“We make very traditional wine. Pure wine. We are organic and use only indigenous grapes,” Enrico explained. He continued to share the stories behind Rodáno’s variety of wines including:

  • Gagliardo “Fallegro” Favorita - ‘17
  • Rodáno “Poggialupi” - ‘16
  • Rodáno Chianti Classico - ‘15
  • Rodáno Chianti Classico “Vigna Viacosta” - ‘13/’15
  • Rodáno Chianti Classico “Bottesola” #27 - ‘15
  • Rodáno Chianti Classico “Bottesola” #46 - ‘15
  • Rodáno “Mon Nene” Cabernet Sauvignon - ‘11

Established in 1858, Rodáno has been in the Pozzesi family for three generations. The immaculate vineyards cover 75 acres of land in the exquisite, soulful and beautiful Chianti Classico hills.

Enrico, managing partner and winemaker of the vineyard said, “Today, I believe wine must be the outcome, or better still, a reflection of the grape it comes from, the grape that carries the flavours within, given to us by the vineyard. My task is to respect existing relations between the three entities: the Vineyard-Grape-Wine.”

OIC Wine Club Members not only enjoyed sampling Rodáno wines while listening to Enrico Pozzesi’s stories of Rodáno, but also enjoyed small bites and hors d’oeuvres prepared by Il Centro’s Chef Jaime Saldago.

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See photo gallery from the Rodáno Tasting below.