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Eat, Drink Local at Osteria IL Centro

480112_367600476672096_742606923_nEvery time you dine with us at Osteria IL Centro, not only are you enjoying Kansas City's best Italian cuisine, you are also supporting a local business. We aim to share that sentiment by carrying other local products, like S.D. Strong Vodka, distilled locally in Parkville.

"It's a really clean, really smooth vodka," Owner Steve Strong says. "It's great for sipping, but if you like a vodka and soda, that's fine, too."

What makes S.D. Strong Distilling even more unique is the fact that the distillery itself is located within a cave. After learning of the restrictive fire codes for a potential distillery site, Strong spoke with the city's fire marshal, who recommended the caves because of the intensive sprinkler system.

"That kind of coverage meant that I could have a lot more stuff in progress," Strong says. "And the caves are so bootlegger. I knew our vibe was going to be vintage, and this fit right in."

Strong is also focused on barrel-aging whiskey, made with rye and malted barley and his gin recipe.

"I hope people are excited about what we're doing," Strong says. "We don't only want Parkville to embrace us, we want Kansas City to embrace us."

Stop in today and try the locally distilled beverage at Osteria IL Centro - you'll be glad you did. You can also enjoy Strong Vodka at our sister restaurant, Minsky's Pizza.