Osteria IL Centro is known across the Kansas City metro for its impressive fine wine selection and extensive reserve list with over 10,000 bottles of exquisite wines from around the world. When you have such a grand array of wines to choose from, picking just a few to try throughout your meal at OIC can seem virtually impossible! These 5 wines are among the most popular at OIC, and for good reason! Peruse their descriptions and keep track of which ones you will want to try next time you dine at OIC.

Larkmead Cabernet Sauvignon

This succulent Cabernet Sauvignon hails from Napa Valley and is one of the top picks of OIC’s General Manager, Brent Wittrock. Dark aromas of kirsch, currants, walnuts, and graphite surround this plush-textured wine's broad, earthy flavors. It’s tremendously round with a savory, forward personality and cherry-flavored, chewy tannins. You’ll find a beautiful balance of berry, coffee, and ever-so-slightly toasted-oak flavors with a hint of menthol.

Zenato Amarone della Valpolicella Classico

Whether you are already a lover of Italian wines or new to them, this is an excellent choice. Produced from partially dried Corvina grapes in northern Italy that is fermented slowly, this dark ruby wine is exceptionally smooth and mellow. Moody notes of raisins, figs, plums, and anise intermingle elegantly with tastes of bay leaf, cassis, and chocolate. Creamy tannins and a silky, lingering finish make this wine unique and divine.

Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon

Another Napa Valley favorite, this midnight purple Cabernet Sauvignon, is defined by its harmonious balance of juicy flavors and mild minerality. Take your time picking out the notes of blackberry, wet stone, black cherry, lavender, and dried thyme in the bouquet. The palate of this wine is bursting with black currant, blackberry, and black tea with a hint of espresso. And the finish is, of course, smooth and long with velvety tannins.

Petrolo Galatrona Merlot

This savory red wine is produced from fruit that all comes from a single, 25-acre vineyard in eastern Tuscany. Deep intensity brings this wine layer after layers of fragrances, such as dewy violets, tilled earth, white truffle, blue and black fruits, and sweet tobacco. The soft, fine-grained texture carries bold flavors of pressed blackberry, toasted spice, bittersweet chocolate, leather, and oak. And despite its complexity, this Merlot is an excellent accompaniment to many different foods like beef, lamb, veal, poultry, and cured meats.

Cain Cuvee NV

Now typically, blends of vintages are a practice reserved for Champagnes, but the Cain Napa Cuvee NV showcases it expertly executed with numerous Bordeaux varietals.  67% of the wine comes from the Spring Mountain District while the remaining 33% hails from the valley floor and we are left with an absolutely striking red wine that is elegant, refreshing, and surprisingly light. Its forest-y, earthy notes remain delicate and clean with their raspberry and red cherry aroma counterparts.

These 5 spectacular wines are just the tip of the fine-wine-iceberg that is OIC’s extensive wine selection. Plan an upcoming evening of wine tasting and delicious Italian cuisine soon and give one (or all) of these wines a try. You may very well find your new favorite. Make your reservation now while you still have which wines you want to try in mind!

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